Reschedule of the General Meeting

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Gift Aid

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Generic Donation

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Mosque Donation

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Neighbours Support Programme ( Covid-19)

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EMCA Membership

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Before making the payment the membership form has to be filled in and put in the system. Email or call us on 07392960211 for the membership form.


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Zakaat- Ul-Fitr

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With a lock down in place, our regular donations have reduced substantially.

The hard work that we have gone through to bring Al-Nagashi Mosque & Centre (EMCA) to where it is may be at risk if  without your regular donations.

We need your financial support and we request that you keep donating Monthly. You can set up a monthly standing order off atleast 10 pound a month (2,50 a week).

How to Donate:

You can call or text our Donation line on  07791838430

You can go donate on our website (

You can donate directly to our Bank Account Eritrean Muslim Community Association UK, Sort Code 20-69-15, Account Number 93360482

May Allah protect us all during this coronavirus pandemic.

JazakAllah Khair

Al-Nagashi (EMCA) Team