About us

EMCA is a charity, which was founded in 1989 to meet the social, welfare and cultural/religious needs of the growing number of Eritrean immigrants to the United Kingdom, EMCA serves a large number of Eritreans in the UK.

Over the last 29 years EMCA has worked with some of the most disadvantaged and vulnerable groups including Children, Elderly and Women to give them most needed services and support. In order to achive its objects EMCA is working closely with many charitable organisations, local authorities and local business for the benefit of the wider community. 

Since establishing the Mosque/Centre of excellence – Al-Nagashi Mosque and Centre – EMCA was able to provide essential services to the Muslim community in London such as Prayer facility, lectures, Nikah services, after school classes, Ramadan, Eid celebrations and many more.

EMCA Mosque & Centre is now a household among Eritreans Muslims and local Muslims. It has become their first destination for religious obligations and for holding their events and occasions.


In 2012 EMCA managed to secure the building by purchase the building from the local council. The local Muslim community raised enough funds to purchase the building with the help of other organisations. 

EMCA is raising funds to start developing the building to providing better facilities and more space for the community. The community is growing and the uses of the different services are increasing. To make sure we are able accommodate everyone within the community we need to build another floor on top of the building to serve the community better.