EMCA Matrimonial

If you are looking for marriage then sign up online by going to this link below:

Everything will be kept confidential and will not be shared without your permission. We will try our best to match each person within the community that has signed up with us.

If you can’t find someone through family, friends or work then EMCA Matrimonial is the service you need. There are many single Muslims brothers and sisters out there that are looking to get married but find it hard to find a suitable partner. EMCA Matrimonial will be the bridge for connecting people together for marriage purposes. If you are looking for marriage then you have to work for it. Sign up and share it with other Muslims that are looking for marriage.

EMCA Matrimonial provide Niqah ceremonies at the centre with a qualified Imam in either Arabic or English. A Nikah or marriage contract according to Islam may be performed at the Al-Nagashi Mosque & centre. The Nikah ceremony will normally take place at the centre in one of the rooms depending on the amount of guests.

EMCA Matrimonial provides advice and support before and during Marriages with our Imam at the Mosque. 

For more information please contact us on our social media pages at Facebook & Instagram under EMCA Matrimonial or send us a email at

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Nikah Service Ceremony

If you or know someone who is now ready to completed their Nikkah [Islamic Marriage Ceremony] and need a Imam to conduct the service in English and Arabic but at the same time to counsel both parties with sound and common sense advice around marriage and roles and responsibilities and wider family and guests in your most important day of your life, without the stress and in a professional manner, then please contact us on We are more than happy to provide that service for you!


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