Our Achievements



In 2005 EMCA was awarded The Queens Golden Jubilee Award for voluntary services, which encouraged over 500 youth to do voluntary work in the wider community. The award valued EMCA work in “advising on education and welfare together with provision of recreational and social activities for diverse communities in london”



EMCA is blessed to have great support among its members and service users. Thousands of people attended EMCA community events, eid celebrations, annual trips, educational programmes & trainings, youth & women development. Many of EMCA previous volunteers are now community leaders and successful professionals.


EMCA has created a unique unity and togetherness among the community. EMCA leadership and the establishment of Al-Nagashi Mosque & Centre has brought the community closer together. Ramadan and eid celebration at Al-Nagashi Mosque & Centre has become a unique tradition and a service that EMCA is proud  to provide for the community. EMCA works very closely together with other Eritrean muslim communities and organisations to promote unity within the community.


Purchasing Al-Nagashi Mosque & Centre in 2012 was an astounding achievement, considering the short notice our community was given to purchase the building. Our community raised to the challenge and managed to raise over 1 Million pounds through donations and loans (Qard-hasan). Part of the centre was refurbished to accommodate the community needs and there is energetic plan to be modernised in order to accomplish the ambitious visions of the community. The mosque & centre today provides essential prayer facilities, training, educational programmes and community events.