Welcome To EMCA Mosque & Centre

EMCA Mosque established in 2012 is a real neighbourhood hub for the Muslims, and an easily accessible centre with facilities for community meetings and leisure activities.” It has gone on to become one of the active Mosque & Centre in Lambeth borough. It provides 5 daily prayers for brothers and sisters to come and pray at the mosque. It provides services for all ages based on their needs and wants.


Quran Classes

To read the Quran, initially being taught to read Arabic letters using our own syllabus. To recite the Quran with Tajweed …


If you can’t find someone through family, friends or work then EMCA matriomonial is the service you need. 

Sisters Group

The sisters group is a social network group where Muslim sisters come together to exchange ideas…

Scouts Group

Thousands of young people across South London benefit every single week from our exciting programme. 

Youth club

A weekly get together to relax, have some fun, and aspire to do more and aim higher. 

Feeding The Homeless

Every week EMCA feeds 50 people in Wandsworth/Lambeth boroughs, London. Most are homeless or have fallen through various social safety nets.