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Jummah Prayer @ 12:30

Al-Nagashi Mosque & Centre Jumah Prayer

From Friday 4th of December we will be holding one Jumah prayer at 12:30pm.

The doors will be open at 12:00pm.

*It’s based on first come first served*

*Only entry for Brothers and Children above 12 but need to follow the safety measures in place.

* No sisters and children under 12 due to limited spaces.

*Remember to bring your own Prayer Matt and Facemask.

*There is no access to Wudu facilities. Please make sure you have wudu before coming to the masjid.

*There is no access to Toilet facilities due to covid 19.

*We need volunteers to help and support the masjid with the jumah prayers. 

If you are available between 11:30 and 13:30 then please contact Imam Abu Moath on 07400398005.

For more information please visit us on

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram (emcauk).

Apply for the Centre
Coordinator Position

EMCA is looking for the right candidate to fill the centre coordinator position. If you believe that you are the right candidate for the job then send a email with your interested to

This is a part time Friday, Saturday and Sunday role. The centre coordinator will be the sole responsible for the centre and will support the volunteers within the centre. 

The deadline for applying for the position will be on the 31st December Midnight. The interviews will be taking place in the end of January InshAllah.

Healthy Start
Government Scheme

No child or family should go hungry. The government’s healthy start scheme exists to ensure every child has a healthy start in life.  If you are on a low-income, a pregnant women, on benefits and tax credits and live around SW8 area then please visit this site for further information and application.
Alternatively, feel free to pop down to the Al-Nagashi Mosque & Centre for help with enquirers and/or completion of application forms.
Please share and spread the word to those that
need it.

National Restrictions Coronavirus Update

 The government has announced that from Sunday 20th December 2020, London will move upward to Tier 4 (LOCAL LOCKDOWN) from the current Tier 3 (VERY HIGH ALERT)  restrictions. 

The increase to Tier 4 does not affect the mosque & centre operation. Therefore, we will continue to open 10 minutes before daily congregational prayers times and 30 minutes before Jumua’h prayer. 

However, with Tier 4 restrictions it is greatly important that we do not socialise with each other whilst in the mosque. Also, those attending will still need to be wearing a face mask, have a prayer mat and be in a state of purification as toilet and wudu facilities will not be available on site.                                                                                                                                                                         

For more information feel free to contact us on or call us on 02077202508

EMCA Matrimonial Marriage Service

EMCA Present a Matrimonial Marriage service that is run by the community for the community. 
If you are looking for marriage then sign up @ 
Everything will be kept confidential and will not be shared without your permission. We will try our best to match each person within the community that has signed up with us.                      
EMCA Matrimonial will be the bridge for connecting people together for marriage purposes. If you are looking for marriage then let us help you.
Please inform other single Muslims that are looking for marriage and asked them to register. 
For more information please follow us on Facebook & instagram @ EMCA Matrimonial or send us an email at


With a lockdown in place, our regular donations have reduced substantily.

The hard work that we have gone through to bring Al-Nagashi Mosque & Centre (EMCA) to where it is may be at risk without your monthly regular donations.

We need your financial support and are asking you to donate generously each month to pay for the monthly fixed expenses until we open our doors again and run our services.

Please donate generously to support the Mosque & Centre.

May Allah protect us all during this pandemic.

Eritrean Muslim Community Association UK

EMCA is a charity, which was founded in 1989 to meet the social, welfare and cultural needs of the growing number of eritrean immigrants to the united Kingdom, EMCA serve a large number of eritreans and non eritreans in london

Public Announcements

Safety Measures Entry Policy

 Following the advice of the scholars, and working closely with   Mosques and Islamic centres in London, we are taking a careful,   gradual approach. We are closely monitoring information about the   continued spread  of Covid-19. 

 We started to provide the 5 daily prayers including Jumahs with   very limited capacity.

 Those who cannot gain access to the Mosque to pray in jama’ah   due to the limited capacity, insha’Allah, you will get the same   reward.

 Please follow the following instructions and guidelines when   coming to the Mosque after re-opening:

  1. The doors will open 15 minutes before the prayer. Worshipers must leave as soon as the prayer finishes; you can do your Sunnah at home or in your workplace.
  2. Anyone with any symptoms of Covid-19, or who has been in contact in the last 14 days with anyone with Covid-19, must not come to the Mosque.
  3. Social distancing and other requirements for safe operation have reduced our initial capacity. Once this limit is reached, no one else will be admitted to the Mosque for prayer.
  4. During this time of limited capacity, only those local to our Mosque who can walk here should come for prayers.
  5. Children under the age of 12 will not be admitted.
  6. Anyone over the age of 70, or anyone whose health makes them vulnerable, must not come to the Mosque at this time.
  7. To be admitted you MUST:
    • perform your Wudu before coming to the Mosque.
    • bring your own prayer mat
    • bring a bag for your shoes (you must keep your shoes with you at all times)
    • wear a face mask at all times
  8. Entrance and exit will be from the main gate only, to control the number coming into the Mosque. Outside the Mosque you must observe social distancing.
  9. Hand sanitizers will be available; you must use these on entry, and before and after touching any surfaces.
  10. Use only the marked prayer spaces in the halls, to maintain social distancing.
  11. There should be no socialising in the Mosque; it is only opening for congregational prayer. Shaking hands, hugging and other contact must be avoided.
  12. The Mosque will be closed between prayers, and will not be available for individual worship.
  13. The opening of the Mosque and the restrictions will be kept under daily review. Any changes will be notified using our website and social media.
  14. We urge our community to follow the guidelines and abide by the instructions of our stewards.

 We will need everyone’s cooperation in these challenging times.   May Allah ﷻ help us to keep our Mosque safely for our community


We offer wide range of services for the Community

Quran Classes

To read the Quran, initially being taught to read Arabic letters using our own syllabus. To recite the Quran with Tajweed.


If you can’t find someone through family, friends or work then EMCA Matriomonial is the service you need. 

Sisters Group

The sisters group is a social network group where Muslim sisters come together to exchange ideas.

Sports Clubs

Children and young adults can signup for Football clubs and Taekwondo. We organise other sport activities throughout the year for all ages.

Scouts Group

Thousands of young people across South London benefit every single week from our exciting programme. 

Youth club

A weekly get together to relax, have some fun, and aspire to do more and aim higher. 

Feeding The Homeless

Feed the homeless people in Wandsworth/Lambeth boroughs, London. Most are homeless or have fallen through various social safety nets. 

Funeral Services

We understand that the death of a loved one is a very difficult time and following the death there are number of arrangements you have to make that we can help.

Companies & Organisations we work with