We offer wide range of services from our complex. In addition to the daily prayers, we have: advice and counselling; education for children and adults; services related to birth, marriage and death; and many more. Serving the community, working in partnership Our partnerships with Lambeth Council, NHS, MET Police, Faith forum, Charities/Mosques organisation and many others have helped contribute

Youth club

This group provides a safe and friendly environment for young people to develop themselves and their identity as young Muslims. 

Sisters Group

The sisters group is a social network group where Muslim sisters come together to exchange ideas, have interesting discussions and join in social events with their group.

Scouts Group

Thousands of young people across South London benefit every single week from our exciting programme. It’s not always the big things like trips, camps or adventurous activities; sometimes it’s the little things like giving them some independence.

EMCA Matrimonial

EMCA Matrimonial is the only Eritrean Muslim matrimonial service in the UK which is community run and completely free. Our service is completely free to sign up to and will connect you with different profiles to find your match InshAllah.

Feeding The Homeless

We serves free meals to rough sleepers, low-income families and needy children in Lambert and Wandsworth boroughs, South West London. 


If you’re looking for the opportunity to study in a way befitted to your busy lifestyle, the Institute proudly offers online various classes for you to attend.

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