Ldn Eritrean National Football Team

Be part of the Eritrean National Football Team based in London! 
Are you a football player that is committed and want to be part of a team that meet on and off the pitch then why don’t you come and join the team? 
We are inviting you to an open trial for the Eritrean National Football Team in London where you will have the opportunity to show your skills and be part of the team. There will be intense training sessions from qualified coaches on a weekly basis with the location & date to be confirmed. 
There will be friendlies against other national sides teams that are based in London and in the near future we will commit to national and international tournaments. 
If your interested to be part of the team and can commit then sign up by filling in the form below. 👇👇
To find out more about joining the team then please contact us by email or call us on 07487771501 
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Email: ldnenft@emca.org.uk
JazakAllah khair
London Eritrean National Football Team